Hunt for cyber threats before they strike

Safeguard your data, your brand and your people

Threats to your business lurk around every corner of the web, so the best cybersecurity solution is proactive, not reactive. The Binary Defense Counterintelligence team hunts for threats where they live on the internet, Darknet and social media. We defend your organization from not only cyber threats, but also threats of physical violence or damage to your public image. 

Every department in your organization can benefit from Counterintelligence. Learn more about our custom packages to protect various areas of your business.

Counterintelligence Finds the Invisible Threat

Proactive searching by industry experts brings awareness to potential physical or cyber threats


We scrape the Darknet, Clearnet and social media using an advanced, custom-programmed system


We customize searches for client and industry mentions, which may include key members of your executive team 


We investigate new threats entering the global landscape including ransomware and malicious code


We customize your alerts and reporting to provide real-time actionable insights and long-term trend analysis

Leverage our expertise

Our counterintelligence team has experience and skills that go beyond traditional threat hunting. Comprised of former FBI, military and government counterintelligence professionals, they are highly trained security analysts, who methodically study the patterns and behaviors of cybercriminals. They operate as a true extension of your team to hunt for emerging threats, analyze the data and provide actionable insights to protect your business.