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Manufacturers are in the top five most targeted industries for cyberattacks, with intellectual property and financial gain at stake for threat actors. Security professionals who work for manufacturing organizations often jugge multiple priorities while trying to keep their organization protected. Staying up-to-date on patches, reviewing access levels and investigating incidents are just a few responsibilities under the security umbrella. With plants in other countries, and in multiple time zones, security for manufacturing is not an 8-to-5 job. It requires a 24/7/365 staff that can monitor for threats at any hour of the day. 

Binary Defense can help shield your manufacturing business from cyberattacks, ensuring attacks are detected within minutes. You will have peace of mind knowing that our Security Operations Task Force is watching around the clock for abnormal behaviors on your network.   

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Manufacturers have had a data breach in the past 12 months

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Successful breaches impacted production


Cost in damages for close to 40% of manufacturers breached


Of manufacturers have a documented incident response plan

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Cyberattacks In Manufacturing: Not Just Data At Stake

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Protect against ransomware and other attacks

The manufacturing industry is among the top five most highly-targeted industries for a ransomware attack, according to TechRepublic. What’s more, many manufacturers don’t have dedicated security personnel. Protect your operations from ransomware with industry-leading technology and service that watches over you 24/7/365. 

Our Solutions

Most cyberattacks in manufacturing start with a breach at an individual workstation. Our ForresterTM-recognized, cloud-based platform secures your endpoints (workstations and servers), adding another layer of protection and greater visibility to your network. 

Security Information & Event Management

Manufacturing companies often don’t have the adequate staffing needs to perform 24/7 monitoring of log data and respond to alerts. Our team of experts can help you deploy, tune and monitor a SIEM to eliminate the noise and get your team focused on operations. 


Our Counterintelligence team scours the Clearnet, Darknet and social media to find and investigate threats targeting manufacturers, including stolen intellectual property and employee credentials for sale, as well as physical threats to your plant and organization. 

Threat Hunting

Advanced persistent threats can be hard to detect and eliminate. Our threat hunting team proactively searches your network on an ongoing basis to root out these hidden threats. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

When a ransomware attack shut down operations at The Baker McMillen Company, they turned to Binary Defense for help.

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