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Binary Defense MDR Product Update: Agent v4.11.0 | Server v2.143.5

Release Type: Important release recommended for all clients

Binary Defense has released a new update to its award-winning and Forrester-ranked behavioral-based Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service. This update brings new enhancements, bug fixes, and increased Agent performance to most client environments. 

Highlights Include:


  • Agent Performance: Data handling optimizations bring significant CPU utilization improvements to most client environments.
  • Improved Auditing for Containment: Improved auditing of containment events to include timestamp, containing user, and containment reason.
  • Alarm Details Page (two-column layout): To increase alarm detail clarity and overall scannability, the Alarm Details Page moves to a two-column layout. This is the first step in a larger effort to significantly improve alarm detail quality overall.
  • Scheduled Task GPO: Updated product documentation that details how clients can get the most out of their scheduled task detections. Important for all Windows clients to review.


  • Some clients saw duplicate Agent icons appearing in the system tray after a restart
  • Some clients experienced deactivated assets not re-activating as expected
  • Encoded commands in certain alarms could be truncated by special characters

Update Procedure

MDR Server software has automatically updated to the latest release. MDR Agent software will update over the next few weeks for all clients except those who have previously opted out of updates. If you are currently receiving updates and wish to opt-out of this release (not recommended) please email your request to: [email protected]

Agent End of Life (EOL) Policy

Binary Defense has recently instituted an Agent End of Life (EOL) policy to ensure MDR Agents always provide the advanced detection capabilities needed to keep clients safe from emerging threats.

As a result, the following Agent versions will no longer be supported as of this release:

  • MDR Agents v4.6.10 and below

MDR Technical Support

Please use our new Binary Defense Help System for all Technical Support needs:

Entering a ticket will allow us to help you as quickly and efficiently as possible.