Microsoft CVE-2022-30190 Vulnerability

Over the weekend, a new Microsoft Office zero-day was disclosed. This vulnerability has been assigned CVE-2022-30190. Prior to this disclosure, Binary Defense MDR clients were already protected post exploitation. Post exploitation tactics are following the usual patterns that our behavior based detections are best at identifying and alarming on. Additionally, our threat researchers have been looking […]

Binary Defense MDR Product Update: Agent v4.11.0 | Server v2.143.5

Release Type: Important release recommended for all clients Binary Defense has released a new update to its award-winning and Forrester-ranked behavioral-based Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service. This update brings new enhancements, bug fixes, and increased Agent performance to most client environments.  Highlights Include: Enhancements Agent Performance: Data handling optimizations bring significant CPU utilization improvements to most […]

Enterprise Information Security Preparedness

Many leaders in enterprise information security and IT operations organizations are taking stock of the potential for risk due to cyber operations between Russia and western countries that show support for Ukraine. News organizations reporting that President Biden may be considering options for proactive cyber operations against Russian critical infrastructure have heightened the level of […]

Product Release Notification: MDR Agent v4.9.2 and MDR Server v2.141.0

Update Audience: Recommended for all clients Binary Defense has released new updates to the industries best behavioral-based Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service. These updates offer new features and bugfixes to all clients and bring increased agent performance to most client environments. Highlights of this Release Include: Features Agent Performance: Significant improvements in data processing at the […]

Log4j / High Severity Zero-Day Vulnerability

CVE-2021-44228 – Log4j 12.16.21 Update and Resources This communication provides relevant updates and resources that clients should be aware of regarding the Log4j security flaw. Binary Defense MDR is NOT IMPACTED by this vulnerability. Binary Defense and our sister company TrustedSec have collaborated to provide guidance about Log4j in the blogs and webcast linked below. For convenience, we […]

Binary Defense MDR Agent Support Policy

11.22.21 To maintain our high standard of detection in an ever-changing threat landscape and to ensure compatibility with modern operating systems, Binary Defense is announcing a new sunsetting policy for Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Agent software. Effective January 1, 2022 Agent software below version 4.6.10 will not be supported. While we can make a great many […]

Product Release Notification: Binary Defense MDR Dashboard Update

MDR Server Version 2.138 Binary Defense will be releasing a new version of MDR next week. This release features a redesigned MDR dashboard that provides a visual display of important security metrics with an at-a-glance view into real-time, informative, and actionable information about the threat level and security status of your organization. The new design is […]

Binary Defense MDR Agent / Server Update

MDR Agent Version 4.8.1 MDR Server Version 2.137.0 Binary Defense has released a new version of MDR. Highlights include important new Windows detections, an updated version of Sysmon, and a variety of routine fixes. All servers have been updated to the latest release. This agent release includes a new version of Sysmon to remediate a vulnerability, […]

Microsoft Printer Spooler Service Vulnerability

Microsoft Printer Spooler Service Vulnerability A critical vulnerability in Microsoft’s Printer Spooler Service allows for an authenticated user to remotely import DLLs for remote code execution onto systems running the Spooler service. All current versions of Windows server and desktop are impacted.  This attack was initially rated a low risk from Microsoft and a patch […]

Nobelium Attack Detection

With the recent Russian state-sponsored actors Nobelium running high profile targeted attacks via espionage tactics, Binary Defense has reviewed the breakdown of the attacks and all of the phases used within the attack chain. These targeted and highly sophisticated and customized attacks were and are being detected by the Binary Defense MDR without any need […]

DarkSide Ransomware

With the recent high profile attacks of the Ransomware-as-a-Service Group, DarkSide, Binary Defense wants to assure our MDR customers they are protected.  Our unique detections identify threats throughout the various attack phases used by these specific actors. Our threat intelligence research indicates this group first focuses on initial access and persistence and then concentrates on latter attack […]

Binary Defense MDR Software Update

MDR Agent Version 4.6.10 MDR Server Version 2.127.0 Binary Defense has released a new version of MDR. Highlights include new productivity features, important new Windows detections, and a variety of routine fixes. All servers have been updated to the latest release. MDR Agent software will update over the next few weeks for all clients except […]