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Binary Defence Key Economic Report

Learn The Value Of Binary Defense Managed Security Services To Your Organization

Key Economic Impact Report


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About the Key Economic
Impact Report

Ransomware and supply chain attacks are causing organizations across all industries to reevaluate their exposure to these risks. Being prepared for increased attack activity typically means more investment in technology and beefing up cybersecurity teams.

Yet, increased demand for cybersecurity skills is continuing to drive a shortage and increase the salaries required to retain top security talent. 

Outsourcing cybersecurity operations to experienced managed security service providers (MSSPs) achieves three key strategic benefits: 

  • Decreased risks for potential data breaches 
  • Reduced time investigating false positives and irrelevant security events 
  • Reduced labor costs achieved through outsourcing

Binary Defense has contracted with unbiased third-party research firm CyberEdge to create this Key Economic Impact Report to convey how four of its customers have achieved return on investment (ROI) and how other organizations may do the same.

Download a copy today and learn the value of your investment with Binary Defense.  

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Personalized ROI calculator

Our ROI calculator can show you exactly what return you would receive on your investment in our services. You’ll see the value in costs from recovering from a data breach, from your staff’s time and salary dollars spent investigating alarms, and how partnering with Binary Defense’s Security Operations Task Force can save you the cost of building a SOC in-house.

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