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Intro to Threat Hunting

If you’ve been around the information security community, you’ve probably heard the term “Threat …

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Hunting and Defeating Evasive Threats

Written by: Randy Pargman and James Quinn Threat actors spend a lot of time and energy to evade and defeat …


Russian Cybercriminal Group Attempts to Steal COVID-19 Vaccine Research

Last week, as reported in Threat Watch, the APT29 threat group, attributed to Russia’s intelligence service, was found …


Hackers for Hire: An Overview of the Unethical Services Offered on the Darknet

By: Dan McNemar It is not a new concept that criminals use the Darknet to buy and sell …


What is YARA? Get to know this malware research tool

Written By: Stephan Simon The official GitHub repository for YARA describes it as “a tool aimed at (but …


SCAM ALERT: Sophistication, Law Enforcement, and Money – Beware

Binary Defense was contacted by an individual who was recently scammed out of $4,000 through a sophisticated and …


COVID-19 Scams Run Rampant

With the coronavirus in the news and weighing heavily on the minds of just about everyone, cyber attackers …


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