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Detecting Ransomware’s Stealthy Boot Configuration Edits

Written By: Binary Defense Threat Researcher @shade_vx This blog post focuses on threat hunting …

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Mars-Deimos: From Jupiter to Mars and Back again (Part Two)

Note: this post was originally shared on by a member of the Binary Defense Team. In order to ensure …


Mars-Deimos: SolarMarker/Jupyter Infostealer (Part 1)

Note: this post was originally shared on by a member of the Binary Defense Team. In order …


Analysis of Hancitor – When Boring Begets Beacon

Author: Brandon George What is Hancitor? Hancitor is a well-known malware loader that has been observed delivering FickerStealer, …


Payment App Scammers: Stay Aware and Learn to Avoid Them

Keep Your Virtual Wallet Safe As technology rises, fewer people are carrying cash and are opting instead for …


Intruder Tactics: Privilege Escalation

What is privilege escalation? Privilege escalation is just a formal way of describing when an attacker gains more …


Ransomware group targeted DC police, then sent mixed messages about shutting down

In what is the 26th cyberattack on law enforcement since the beginning of 2021, the Washington D.C. Metro …