Threat Intelligence Employees’ Private Data Compromised in Airbus Data Breach 1

Threat Intelligence: Employees’ Private Data Compromised in Airbus Data Breach

Aeronautical giant Airbus has recently discovered a breach in their system which led to unauthorized parties accessing employee information. The company assured that none of their commercial operations were affected. Information such as employee contact details and IT identification details were accessed. “Investigations are ongoing to understand if any specific data was targeted, however, we […]
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Threat Intelligence: Verity Healthcare Suffers Multiple Phishing Attacks

Verity Health System, a six medical clinic operation in Redwood City, California, has informed an undisclosed number of people that their information may have been accessed due to phishing. Through these phishing attempts, attackers were able to obtain three employee emails that had messages and attachments contained within them. Other emails included patient names, treatment […]
Threat Intelligence iOS Bug Gives Unauthorized Access to User’s FaceTime Audio and Video

Threat Intelligence: iOS Bug Gives Unauthorized Access to User’s FaceTime Audio and Video

A bug in Apple devices running iOS 12.1 or later could leave users open to eavesdropping through Facetime. When it was initially reported, audio was believed to be the only piece affected but now it is known to give access to the front camera as well. The bug begins to work when a user is […]
Threat Intelligence Adware Installers Using Rumba Variant STOP

Threat Intelligence: Adware Installers Using Rumba Variant STOP

DJVU and Tro STOP ransomware variants have been seen a lot over the past month, the new Rumba variant is similar but it adjoins its .rumba extension to a file once it’s encrypted. It is currently being dished out through adware bundles and software cracks. Software cracks used by websites typically enable adware bundles to […]
WordPress Plugin WPML Hacked

Threat Intelligence: WordPress Plugin WPML Hacked

WP MultiLingual (WPML) is home to 600,000 users who pay for their WordPress translation services. Recently they have suffered their first security issue since opening 12 years ago. The attack comes at the hands of who is believed to be a former employee. After gaining access to the website’s database, he used the email domains […]
Threat Intelligence Nine Adware Apps Discovered on Play Store

Threat Intelligence: Nine Adware Apps Discovered on Play Store

Unwanted ads are being hidden within nine apps found on the Google Play Store and have been flooding users’ devices. One of the apps has already been downloaded five million times while the total of the nine apps is nearly eight million globally. These apps are non-functioning and are placed specifically to deploy adware in […]
Government Websites Down Due to Non Renewed TLS Certificates

Threat Intelligence: Government Websites Down Due to Non-Renewed TLS Certificates

More than 80 government sites have been impacted due to their TLS certificates not being renewed. A good number of these sites now cannot be accessed by the public. Some of the known websites that are affected include NASA, The DOJ, and the Court of Appeals. This comes on the heels of the government shutdown, […]
Threat Intelligence Yokagawa Severe Vulnerability

Threat Intelligence: Yokagawa Severe Vulnerability

With a 7.7 rate of severity, the vulnerability (CVE-1081-16196) has been affecting multiple Yokagawa products and it exists within the Vnet/IP Open Communication Driver. If taken advantage of, the vulnerability could give an attacker the ability to halt communication from the Vnet which could cause a DoS campaign. All the proper organizations have been notified […]
Binary Defense Predictions for 2019

Binary Defense Predictions for 2019

2018 carried a plethora of cyber-attacks, including tons of data breaches that have started to become more talked about than ever. Cyber-tampering of elections continued to be a worry for many people, and malware is evolving like everything else. It is expected that cyber-attacks will continue to increase. Talk about cyber-security will likely become more […]
Threat Intelligence Netflix Phishing Scam

Threat Intelligence: Netflix Phishing Scam

A new Phishing campaign has been identified by authorities in Ohio that is targeting Netflix users. The campaign sends an email to a Netflix customer asking that user to update their payment information on their website with a link to do so. The email states that the account is “on hold” until the information is […]