Project Artillery is Now a Binary Defense Project!

Artillery was a tool I created a number of years ago to create a way for early warning indicators and open source threat intelligence feeds. It’s gotten a lot of momentum over time and lots of folks contributing to it. Today I am shifting Project Artillery to a much better home, our sister company Binary […]
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Active Shellshock SMTP Botnet Campaign

We recently became aware (special thanks to @slideintohome) of a SMTP botnet campaign occurring for a number of large-scale customers targeting SMTP gateways with Shellshock based attacks. The attack leverages Shellshock ( as a main attack vector through the subject, body, to, from fields (targets every main header field in order to download the perl […]
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Binary Defense Launches

Binary Defense has been a project that has been in development for over three years. David Kennedy the CTO at BDS and CEO of TrustedSec saw an immediate need to enhance monitoring and detection capabilities within the security industry. Countless times doing penetration testing and red team exercises, companies were struggling with both in-house capabilities […]