Cybersecurity Solutions

Arm your business with the best defense against cyber threats

Complete protection for your business

Binary Defense shields your business from next-generation cyberattacks using a human-driven, technology-assisted approach. We combine the industry’s leading technology with a team of highly trained security analysts to monitor, detect and contain threats before they strike.

Whether you have an established security team in place or you’re just getting started, our solutions are designed to scale with your business. Schedule a consultation to discuss your cybersecurity needs.

Endpoints – your laptops, desktops and servers – are the most vulnerable spots in your network. Using our proprietary software, we deploy complete endpoint protection across your network within minutes, providing you with essential security backed by continuous monitoring.

Security Information & Event Management

Gain enterprise-level protection and complete visibility through our Security Information & Event Management (SEIM) solution. Integrating with the industry’s top technology, we deploy, monitor and tune your SEIM, so your organization receives continuous 24×7 protection from a team of dedicated security analysts.


The best cybersecurity is proactive, not reactive. Comprised of former military and government cybersecurity experts, our Counterintelligence team hunts for cyber threats on the Darknet, internet and social media, before they harm you or your business.

See Why a Security Operations Center Is Essential

Cybersecurity is not a 9-to-5 job. Today’s attackers can easily evade antivirus and other software-only solutions. Complete protection requires a team of real people detecting real threats in real time.

At Binary Defense, we know that most businesses, particularly small companies, lack the time and resources needed to effectively manage their security in-house. That’s where our Security Operations Center (SOC) steps in.

As the powerhouse behind our solutions, our SOC provides you with the trusted security team you need to secure your environment — 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our experienced security analysts detect and track advanced attack patterns and alert you to malicious activity within minutes.

We work as a true extension of your internal team to establish protocols and provide consistent communication. Contact us today to discover why a SOC is critical to your cybersecurity.