Alerts Built for Rapid Response

React swiftly with contextual & actionable alerts that answer the why, where, what, and how questions.

Upgrade your Alert Expectation

Day and night, our Managed Detection & Response monitors, detects and contains threats in your environment. As your security partner, our team of Detection Engineers, Threat Hunters, and SOC Analysts work as an extension of your team by providing clear and consistent communication. That means only notifying you when a threat needs attention but providing you with the actionable details and context to understand the alert and what needs to be done.  

The MDR Alert Standard

Remove “alert fatigue” from your teams’ vocabulary.  

An alert from Binary Defense means there is a potential threat in your environment that needs attention. It means that when you review that alert you can trust that you’ll have the answers you need to act swiftly to remove the threat without digging through event and log data yourself. 

Let’s walkthrough what an alert from our Managed Detection & Response service looks like:  

This is the first question answered for any alert you’ll receive. It contains a short summary and timeline of the detection.

Quickly get an understanding of why you received the alert. We’ll detail the type of activity we detected, why it’s a threat, and map it to any MITRE ATT&CK Techniques where able.

It takes just a glance to view your assets that are affected by the threat.

We provide you and your team recommended steps to continue the investigation and remediate the threat.

Transparency is key in any partnership. We provide the insight into how the threat was detected.

Your security posture is important to us. That’s why our team provides an overview of steps your internal team can take to help mitigate the risk from this type of threat from happening in the future.

Sometimes you just want to look at the event data yourself. Our alerts provide snippets of the direct data in question or the entire raw log data to scour through.

There are far too many threats to keep track of these days. That’s why we provide relevant documentation, reports, and insights to provide knowledge sharing to you and your team.

Want to see it in action?

Let us know if you’d like to learn more about our Managed Detection & Response capabilities and redefine what a “security alert” means to your organization.