SIEM Tuning

Reduce the noise of false alarms with SIEM tuning

Tune Down the Noise

Untuned SIEM environments can have you drowning in data. SIEM tuning eliminates false positives, reduces noise, and adjusts rules to keep your SIEM working as intended–identifying threats in real time. 

Reduce Alert Fatigue 

Networks are dynamic. Tuning ensures your SIEM configuration reflects your current environment. If new software, applications or data type changes are neglected, alerts become stale–leading to alert fatigue. Just as you get an oil change every 3,000 miles, it’s important to give your SIEM regular tune-ups and take corrective action to ensure your cybersecurity posture is strong.  

Improve the Accuracy of Alarms

During a tuning engagement we improve your security posture by improving your data and detection rules. Binary Defense encourages regularly scheduled tuning of data collection, automation rules, use cases, and triggers to make sure that your SIEM provides concise, actionable data.

SIEM Tuning Benefits

Identify new points of entry for hackers

Add alerts for new applications

Build new uses cases to reduce blind spots

Prioritize high level alerts

Reduce duplicate and irrelevant alerts

Adapt rules for new threat vectors

Our SIEM Stack

We are technology agnostic and tune industry-leading SIEM platforms

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Untuned SIEM environments can have you drowning in data. SIEM tuning eliminates false positives, reduces noise, and adjusts …

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