Threat Hunting

Uncover hidden threats and boost your cyber threat protection

Strengthen Your Defenses with Threat Hunting

According to the latest Ponemon report, an attacker can be in your network for an average of 191 days before being detected—stealing intellectual property, data, and login credentials. How can they stay hidden for so long? The truth is, most organizations don’t have the proper tools or staffing to be proactive–but rather, spend time investigating existing and known threats.

Threat hunting is the process where, on an ongoing basis, skilled experts proactively search for hidden threats using an organization’s existing security platforms and event logs. Using the insights gained from their search, these experts can help reduce an organizations’ attack surface by investigating the weak signals that could indicate an intrusion and writing new threat detection rules to stay ahead of attackers.

Binary Defense can help your organization uncover hidden threats so your team can focus on investigation and remediation. We’ll act as an extension of your team to help shield your business from tomorrow’s cyber threats.

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Top retailer technology firm chose Binary Defense for threat hunting

How threat hunting works

Just as businesses are constantly innovating their products, threat actors are also innovating their techniques. That’s why it’s important to continuously research the latest attack techniques in use and regularly conduct threat hunts to discover if attackers are flying under the radar of the defenses currently in place. Our threat hunting team learns what is normal in your environment over time, finds unique patterns in your logs, links associated events and traces patterns over time to discover anomalies and security gaps. Using this knowledge, we can greatly improve your security posture.

When a potential threat is confirmed, we notify your team, analyze the root cause, perform advanced malware analysis and provide additional context to help you focus on incident response. We also write new detection rules to improve your ability to stay ahead of the attackers.

Nationally recognized

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In the Forrester Wave, Managed Detection And Response Q1, 2021 report, Forrester noted that “…Binary Defense demonstrates superior threat hunting capabilities driven directly by practitioners, with high levels of customization, and tailored to specific client environments. [Binary Defense] provided assurance across a comprehensive range of adversary TTPs for clients.

“Your passion for security is a constant motivator for me and my team. We are always learning from your team and it feels like we are all working together.”

David White
Director, Security Operations
Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc.


Anatomy of a threat hunt

Research emerging attacker techniques and tools

Evaluate current security platforms and event logs

Find misconfigurations, network anomalies and gaps in coverage

Notify client where gaps exist to strengthen posture

Write new detection rules and add to security configuration

Test new attacker techniques and detection methods in a laboratory environment

Reverse engineer malware to learn the attackers’ methods

Repeat, repeat, repeat!

Technologies we work with

Our threat hunters are experienced in working with the following solutions:

If you don’t see your current technology on the list, contact us —chances are, we can work with it!

An industry-leading threat hunting team

It takes a unique skillset to become a threat hunter. That’s why we’ve assembled an expert team with deep technical experience and capabilities.

Our team’s areas of expertise include:

Our threat hunting research

Our Threat Hunting Task Force has a pulse on the threat actor groups operating today. We publish our research and share it with the cybersecurity community so we can achieve our common goal of keeping the world safe from cybercriminals.

Recent research articles include:

Learn from the best

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