Threat Hunting

Look beyond your security limitations and see unknown threats.


Strengthen Your Defense

Sophisticated attackers can be hiding in your network for months—stealing intellectual property, data, and login credentialsProactive threat hunting helps to identify unknown threats and prevent attackers from evading your existing security defenses. Threat hunters gain insights from your existing security logs to find misconfigurations and potential weaknesses in your current detection rules. During a threat hunt we find previously undetected threats and reduce your attack surface by writing new rules and tuning your system to stay ahead of attackers. 

Find Out Exactly Where You’re Exposed

Scheduling reoccurring threat hunts will help you determine if your network has been compromised as well as the impact of a breach. Threat hunting provides the highest level of security and should be used to complement your existing incident detection and response program. Threat hunts will help you detect and isolate advanced persistent threats and reduce time to containment to prevent further spread of a cyberattack. 


Binary Defense Threat Hunting Task Force Analysts

True extension of your security team

Binary Defense Threat Hunting Task Force analysts can help you find previously undetected threats, enhance the speed and accuracy of incident response and reduce your attack surface by taking an aggressive stance with proactive and reoccurring threat hunts. We understand your environment so that abnormal attacker behavior can be detected faster. Threat hunts are interactive with a constant flow of information and ideas for opportunities to eliminate current vulnerabilities and enhance your security posture so you can stay ahead of attackers.  


Reverse engineer malware to proactively stop attacks

Asset 56

100% US-based analysts


Provide detailed and actionable guidance for security posture improvements and incident response

Strengthen your Cybersecurity Defenses

Threat hunting helps you prioritize security posture improvements

Gain insights from your existing security logs 

Create new detection rules based on threat hunting results 

Quickly identify and stop sophisticated attacks 

Reduce your Attack Surface

Enhance the speed and accuracy of incident response

Why rip and replace? Use your existing tech stack to find hackers  

Maximize IT staff  Let us focus on threat hunting so you can focus on security operations and keeping things running 

Take action  Wproactively identity threats and recommend remediation steps 

Save time  Improve your speed and accuracy of response to threats 

Save money  No need to hire specialized security staff 

Take an Aggressive Stance with Proactive Threat Hunting

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