Download the Data Sheet
Download the Data Sheet
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Our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) platform has detection and prevention capabilities for each part of the attack lifecycle. Protect your data, your brand, and your people with Binary Defense MDR.
  • MDR in less than 24 hours with zero user impact and instant visibility
  • Within seconds, Binary Defense MDR analyzes for risk factors and deploys countermeasures to disrupt threats in their tracks

Threat Detection

  • Hacker-tested, superior detection to any solution available, both on and off premise
  • Detection of anomalies, advanced persistant threats, lateral movements, privilege escalation, Powershell injection, and many more

Rapid Response

  • Automated response features for incident response
  • Accelerates investigation and remediation

Dashboard & Metrics

  • 360-degree visibility across customer’s on-premises and cloud resources

Deception Technology

  • Proactive detection, device monitoring, and blocking of known malware, unknown malware, and zero-day exploits
  • Honeypots and decoys