What is Binary Defense MDR?

Binary Defense Managed Detection & Response

Cybersecurity is vital to any organization in today’s world. Staying on top of this ever-evolving topic requires the best team of information security professionals around. This is where Binary Defense helps a business succeed. Binary Defense offers SOC-as-a-Service featuring the Binary Defense MDR (Managed Detection and Response) which uses behavioral and next-generation technologies to protect against advanced threats.

Binary Defense MDR is developed for the enterprise, monitoring all of the endpoints and servers in your network to immediately detect attacks and indicators of compromise (IOCs). Binary Defense MDR has various ways to combat and prevent hackers from gaining a foothold in your network and exfiltrating any of your valuable intellectual property or sensitive information.

Other MDR solutions only install software and rely on the software to work all by itself. Binary Defense brings the immediate value of a dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) to actively detect and respond to threats as they happen. Our SOC is powered by real US-based information security professionals monitoring your networks for dangerous threats in real time. Our dedicated SOC and Counterintelligence teams are constantly seeking to find the most effective ways to protect your data, your people, and your brand.

What is Endpoint Detection and Response?

Endpoint Detection and Response is a cybersecurity technology that provides continuous monitoring to secure all of the devices in your business such as desktop computers, laptops, and servers. Endpoints are vulnerable to a large variety of threats such as viruses and malware, and due to the fact that they can provide an entry point to your entire network, they are typically a target for hackers.shield laptop

According to Gartner, “MDR services are filling the need of organizations of all sizes that lack internal security resources and expertise and want to expand their investments beyond preventative security technologies to address their detection, response, and 24/7 monitoring gaps.” (source: Market Guide for Managed Detection and Response Services)

Binary Defense MDR employs an active defense with deception technology that creates attractive looking files hackers are likely to target. Our customers see where the hackers are coming from and what they’re doing in your network. Deception includes creating fake emails, user names, and passwords that hackers will then try to use to get into your environment.

Endpoint protection platforms (EPP) are not effective in today’s threat landscape. Hackers use more sophisticated tactics, techniques, and procedures (TPPs) to compromise computer systems that can easily bypass traditional antivirus and signature-based solutions. Where protection software only scans for signatures of malicious activity, our MDR will monitor and detect any malicious activity on your endpoints and allow you to stop attackers in real time.

The Binary Defense SOC team actively monitors to detect and respond to threats as they happen stopping malicious attacks in-their-tracks on your network before they become a major breach.

The urgency to detect advanced attacks has prompted the emergence of a new generation of endpoint security designed to find threat behaviors in real time that otherwise go undetected. The Binary Defense MSSP platform offers the following solutions to stop attackers:

The security professionals at Binary Defense evaluate large volumes of data from endpoint activities to identify and stop attacks even before they compromise your networks. With Binary Defense’s SOC team, you receive the best active threat monitoring available and are able to rest assured knowing that your data, brand, and your people are safe every second of every minute of every day.

Some of the main benefits of using Binary Defense MDR includes:

  • Detection and Response of threats on the endpoint
  • Lightweight agent—no impact on your operations
  • Real time analysis of threat behavior
  • Custom alerts
  • Easy-to-use interface and controls

With the Binary Defense MDR solution, our security team will protect your business through continuously collecting, recording, and storage of endpoint data giving you surveillance-like visibility you can use to investigate past incidents or proactively hunt for threats lurking in your networks.

Binary Defense MDR is a very light-weight program that installs on Windows, Mac, and Linux endpoints in only minutes with minimal user impact.

Binary Defense offers the visibility that responders can use to quickly identify suspicious behaviors, patterns, and IOCs that attackers leave behind as they attempt to compromise an environment. Our security specialists monitor for vulnerabilities associated with file modifications, file executions, and network connections to stop hacks into your environment.

Binary Defense MDR monitors all activities in real time and disrupts attacks-in-progress. If an endpoint is compromised, it is contained from the network to avoid a larger breach and mitigate the threat. Binary Defense MDR also proactively threat hunts to identify threats and locate attack vectors to prevent active and future breaches.

Binary Defense MDR offers unmatched SOC expertise with a dedicated team of managed security professionals including:

  • Security Architects
  • Security Analysts
  • Threat Intel researchers
  • Penetration Testers
  • Software Engineers
  • Infrastructure and Operations Integration Specialists
  • Security Program Managers

Endpoints are a common attack vector that hackers will target to gain access to your networks. Once a hacker gets access to one of your endpoints, they can quickly move laterally to other areas containing your most sensitive data.

The Binary Defense MDR is deployed on hundreds of thousands of endpoints around the globe, analyzing more than 2M events every day to disrupt and prevent an average of 5,000 daily intrusions.

Attacks will occur and you want to make sure you are using the best SOC and MDR solutions available. Binary Defense MDR is a turnkey solution to inform incident response with actionable alerts so you can focus on your business.

The Binary Defense promise to you: Less Work, More Results!

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