Dedicated to Protecting Greater Akron’s Business Community from Cybercrime

The Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce knows that cyberattacks such as ransomware can hit any business, at any size, at any time. When a company falls victim, the results can be devastating – some never get their data back, and others are forced to close their doors. One such attack shut down a local manufacturing company, and they turned to Binary Defense for help. Within hours, Binary Defense had their cybersecurity monitoring software up and running, and their expert team was able to find a second ransomware attempt in the works.

The Chamber’s mission is to make Greater Akron the safest business community in the country. By partnering with Binary Defense, the Chamber provides its membership with best in class cybersecurity solutions including the fully managed 24x7x365 monitoring and detection services of our Security Operations Center (SOC).

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Why Choose Binary Defense as Your Security Partner?

Unique Member Benefit

Increase membership and retention rates with a service that differentiates your Chamber and provides real value and protection for businesses of all sizes.

Essential to Business

The threat of cyber-attacks continues to grow. Your members need monitoring, detection, and prevention to keep their businesses safe.

Unparalleled Partner Support

With our marketing support and live training sessions, we partner with you to build awareness and educate your membership on cybersecurity to quickly gain program adoption.

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Partnership Solution Offerings

From managed Endpoint Detection and Response software to a Security Operations Center, this is your chance to help protect your members’ data, brands, and people from cyber-attacks.

Binary Defense

Ensure the trust and security for your membership by partnering with Binary Defense to make Greater Akron the safest business community in the country

Security Operations Center (SOC)

A trusted team of security analysts is on guard 24/7/365 to become a true extension of the security team including SIEM management and monitoring

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Recognized in the Gartner Market Guide as one of the top MDRs offering fully-managed detection, monitoring, containment, deception, and protection