Shield Your Business from Cyberattacks

To prevent breaches, you need complete cybersecurity protection. It takes a 24×7 security team to monitor, detect and respond to threats.

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Our solutions

Your Cybersecurity Arsenal

Managed Detection & Response

Guard the weakest points in your network – your laptops, desktops and servers. We provide advanced endpoint protection and system management.

Security Information & Event Management

Gain comprehensive, enterprise-level security. We deploy, monitor and tune your SIEM with around-the-clock protection from our security analysts.


Be proactive with your cybersecurity. We detect and thwart attackers before they strike by hunting for threats where they live.

Threat Hunting

Identify unknown threats and prevent attackers from evading existing security defenses with proactive threat hunting.

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Get the security team you need

Most companies don’t have the staff, technology or budget to monitor around the clock. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) is an extension of your team, providing 24/7/365 protection to your network by monitoring, detecting and containing threats in real time

Know Your Risk

Every business is a target for cyberattacks, regardless of your size.

1 in 3 small- to medium-sized businesses reported a breach in the last five years

10% of small businesses closed their doors within six months of a breach

See Our Results

With Binary Defense in your corner, you’ll see a measurable impact on your network security

219,023,388+ events analyzed per day

4,984 intrusions prevented on average per day

Expertise is programmed in our code

Not all hackers wear a black hat. Meet our Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Dave Kennedy. A world-renowned white hat hacker, Dave is improving the security industry on a global scale through his work at Binary Defense and our sister company, TrustedSec.

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