Keeping Patient Data Safe and Avoiding Ransomware: What every healthcare leader should know

Healthcare organizations can’t go it alone when it comes to cybersecurity. Cybercriminals are hungry for PHI that they can leverage in other attacks. Ransomware can result in delays to procedures or risk shutting down operations. Breaches at healthcare organizations result in hefty fines from HIPAA, not to mention the loss of patient trust and overall reputation. With so much at stake, it takes a team of real people watching day and night to detect and prevent threats.  


While MFA and antivirus are valuable, they don’t solve the problem of a cybercriminal exploiting your employees with phishing campaigns or ransomware. These threat actors also have methods for getting around your traditional antivirus and firewall rules. That’s where cybersecurity monitoring and response comes in. 


On Wednesday May 26th at 1PM EST, learn from our VP of Threat Hunting and Counterintelligence why having a 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC) is vital to protecting your organization. In this webinar we will cover: 

  • The risk for healthcare when it comes to cyberattacks 
  • How threat actors can get around MFA and antivirus 
  • What benefits come from having a SOC that acts as a true extension of your team 

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About the Presenter

Randy Pargman
Randy Pargman is the Vice President of Threat Hunting and Counterintelligence at Binary Defense. In this role, he leads the teams responsible for advanced analysis of malware, development of technology to detect threat actor activity, threat intelligence research of criminal forums, and monitoring of Darknet, Clearnet and Social Media platforms for threat indicators. Randy previously worked for the FBI, where he served for 15 years, most recently as a Senior Computer Scientist on the Cyber Task Force in Seattle. Randy is now frequently covered by national media outlets for his cybersecurity expertise.