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Why Managed SIEM?

Regardless of company size or industry, every business is not immune from the growing threat of a potential cyberattack. Yet, companies do not have the bandwidth, personnel resources, or expertise to properly protect against external threats 

Self-Managed SIEM

Self-Managed SIEM

– 100% responsible for deploying and managing infrastructure, logs, alerts, tuning, and response 

– Continual hiring, retaining, and training to stay abreast of latest tactics, techniques and procedures of threats 

– Divert precious resources to investigate false positive noise or the deluge of alerts 

Binary Defense Managed SIEM

Binary Defense Managed SIEM

+ Maintain peace of mind with US-based 24/7/365 SOC support  

+ Up-level and complement the capabilities of your existing security operations team with team of threat hunters and counterintelligence experts 

+ Immediate incident response based on threat notification 


Visibility Across Your Entire Environment

We combine Threat Intelligence, Technology, and Tradecraft with industry-leading processes to provide a results-driven service that addresses the most pressing security challenges facing organizations today.

Open XDR Approach

Leverage your preferred technology stack. We ingest all leading security controls across endpoint, network, cloud, identity, and more.

Personalized Detection Strategy

Our detection engineering team works with you to create, deploy, and tune a customized detection strategy that meets your needs and is constantly reviewed based on our Threat Intelligence and emerging threats.

SOC Monitoring and Investigations

SOC analysts monitor your environment 24x7x365, review alerts to remove false positives, and dig deeper into events that require investigation. Our detailed threat notifications provide answers, not just alerts, so you can respond with precision.

Response and Containment

Leveraging customizable Incident Handling procedures and Response Playbooks, we escalate actionable Investigations containing tactical and strategic mitigation recommendations. Deeper response capabilities are available via our Analysis-on-Demand and Incident Response services.

Improving Your Security Maturity

Insights gained from SOC analysis and threat intelligence research are applied to all client environments to improve detections and provide defense in depth.

Answers, Not Alerts

Discover What It Means to Have Our Team in Your Corner

Even the most well-designed security program is eventually vulnerable—and round-the-clock protection requires dedicated resources. Let us walk you through what it means to partner with Binary Defense, and how our team can become an extension of yours.

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Security Operations at Our Core

You can’t deliver world-class MDR without a world-class Security Operations Center. Our 24×7 SOC is staffed with level 1, 2, and 3 analysts who follow clearly defined and documented procedures to ensure fast and thorough responses to our clients’ security events.

Leveraging the Cyber Kill Chain, our analysts conduct attack reconstruction and synthesis, identifying key indicators of compromise across the Kill Chain, providing a Defense in Depth approach to protecting your business.

Transparent, Investigation-Based Pricing

Binary Defense Managed Detection and Response is priced by the number of monthly investigations you need, not how much data we’re ingesting or how many devices you have on your network. This pricing model aligns the cost you pay to the actual value we’re providing, so you know exactly what you’re getting for your money.

Your Enterprise Defense Partner

Take your Managed Detection and Response to the next level with our Enhanced Response Services.

Email Phishing Support

Analysis on Demand

Incident Response

Digital Risk Protection

Hypothesis-Based Threat Hunting

Ready to Get Started?

Schedule a consultation with our MDR experts to share your security objectives and learn how Binary Defense Managed Detection and Response can keep your business protected.

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