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Microsoft Sentinel Managed Security

Intelligent security analytics with world-class security expertise.

Shield your Microsoft Sentinel

With Microsoft Sentinel you have an enterprise-grade SIEM in your environment – why settle for out-of-box capabilities? With Managed Security Services through Binary Defense our experts will ensure you get the full potential from your Microsoft Sentinel investment with our Deploy, Tune, and Monitor approach. Our engineers customize the collection and detection of event data to your unique infrastructure and network environments.

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Our Managed Microsoft Sentinel Process

Our Microsoft Sentinel experts gets your team deployed, monitoring, and responding faster than ever while our SOC Analysts and Threat Hunters have your teams back all day, every day.


Understand your business risk, security objectives, and SecOps maturity

Architecture review of infrastructure environments

Distinguish “crown jewels ” to protect, use cases, and compliance requirements

Identify key assets, log sources, telemetry, and applications for ingestion


Deploy, configure, and tune Microsoft Sentinel

Integration of tools, threat intel feeds, ticketing systems, and other telemetry

Build detection rules, custom queries, playbooks, and reports

Setup portal users, data retention, ticketing, and escalation

Validate telemetry for threat investigation


Ongoing policy and rule tuning to your environments

Enrich security alerts, triage issues, remediation, and recovery activities

Add new detection rules to combat emerging threats

Dashboard and Report tuning

Security posture and risk management reviews


24/7/365 monitoring, alert triage, threat investigation

12-min avg. analysis time

Detailed threat remediation recommendations

Access to elite SecOps experts and global threat intel

Dedicated analysts available via phone, email or chat

Attack-focused Defensive Approach

Our analysts, researchers and developers bring a wealth of experience and diverse skillsets to our security team. They’re trained to identify abnormal patterns and analyze behaviors, so as cyberattacks evolve and hackers become more sophisticated, we stay a step ahead to keep our customers secure.

While most MDR vendors think like defenders, Binary Defense differentiates by starting with the attackers’ perspective as the foundation for its MDR offering.


This philosophy carries into everything we do at Binary Defense. With our Deploy, Tune, and Monitor approach to your Microsoft Sentinel environment, we offload the burden of managing your SIEM from your internal IT security team, providing you custom filtering, pre-defined behavioral detections, alarm thresholding, and dedicated 24x7x365 monitoring through our Security Operations Task Force.

Your Security Operations Force Multiplier

Once your Microsoft Sentinel is collecting information from your disparate environments, our SOC-as-a-Service ensures your team stays focused on mission-critical objectives – not chasing false security alarms. If an event does occur that needs your attention, our expert security jump to action – alerting you of the security event and proactively providing you with recommended remediation steps.

With 24/7 SOC monitoring you can rest knowing the entirety of your network and infrastructure environments are under constant watch by a team of cybersecurity experts dedicated to monitoring, detecting, and investigating threats across your entire enterprise. Using the latest threat intelligence, best of breed Microsoft security solutions, and automated response orchestration, our analysts increase the speed, efficiency, and effectiveness of threat detection and response capabilities far beyond that of internal security teams.



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