Shield Program

Binary Defense Shield Program partners understand that businesses of all sizes need the guidance from a trusted IT advisor that can provide protection from the cybercriminals of today and tomorrow. Binary Defense Shield Partners are the experts that businesses need.

Cybersecurity is Evolving. Make Sure Your Portfolio is Evolving With It.

The Binary Defense Shield Program offers three tiers to provide the support and benefits needed for a partner to scale their business. In addition to strategic marketing and sales support, Binary Defense Shield Program partners receive access to a team of cybersecurity experts, as well as training materials.


We are eager to help you grow your business through our solutions.

Earn recurring revenue and increase profits

  • Deal Registration eliminates channel conflict
    Deal Registration helps protect partners who are actively promoting Binary Defense solutions to their customers. Partners with registered and approved opportunities will receive financial benefits in addition to deal protection.
  • Use MDF to enter new markets
    Market Development Funds (MDF) are accrued dollars provided by Binary Defense for Shield Program partners to create and execute marketing activities. These activities can help grow new markets, add new customers and generate attractive returns with Binary Defense solutions.

Cybersecurity is Evolving. Is Your Portfolio Evolving With It?

No business is too small to be a target for cyberattacks.

Why Binary Defense

We know that the best cybersecurity protection for your business takes a team of real people detecting real threats in real time.

Our Solutions


Recognized in the Gartner Market Guide, we provide advanced endpoint protection and monitoring.


Security Information & Event Management

We offer comprehensive, enterprise-level protection and round-the-clock management.



We hunt for cyber threats where they live to deliver actionable data and intelligence reports.

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