Webinar Series:

Proactive Analysis Through Threat Hunting Exercises

Presented by Dave Kennedy, Chief Technology Officer at Binary Defense

What happens when your EDR or SIEM misses an attack? Or the hacker was better than your tooling? Threat Hunting is focused on proactive analysis of unusual behavior or patterns within an organization. As a team or individual exercise, threat hunting can drastically reduce an organization’s time to respond to a breach and minimize damage toward an organization.

In this webinar, Binary Defense CTO and Co-Founder David Kennedy will walk through:

  • What threat hunting is and why it’s important
  • How to conduct threat hunting exercises
  • What a threat hunting team consists of
  • Methods for identifying indicators of compromise within an organization

Dave will also demonstrate the power of Binary Defense’s Managed Detection & Response (MDR) platform. The live session will help threat hunters find ways to identify unusual behavior within an organization and how to effectively respond to and investigate incidents through threat hunting exercises.

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