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Binary Defense MDR Integrates Microsoft Antimalware Scan Interface Interoperability (AMSI)

With the latest release of the Binary Defense Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution, we have now fully integrated Microsoft Windows AMSI. When looking to detect enhanced threats, especially with scripting languages and other methods of cyberattacks, AMSI provides an extensible platform for Binary Defense to get improved visibility into the latest threats and to our analysts.

better connected cybersecurity with AMSI and Binary Defense MDR

The Binary Defense team is proud to have a product that we can continue to iterate and improve upon. Cyberattacks and hackers’ tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) are constantly evolving and so are we. Making our endpoint detection and response (EDR) platform compatible with AMSI is part of our core focus to provide the most effective and well-rounded cybersecurity for our clients.

With the integration into AMSI, Binary Defense can utilize additional detection techniques and get an improved understanding of unknown threats by using a supplementary method for looking at multiple fronts of attack. While Binary Defense utilizes multiple methods for detection, AMSI is an additional method for analysis that helps us better understand rapid threats.

At Binary Defense, our MDR platform continues to grow and get better each and every day. With this latest integration, we continue to be focused on enhancing our detection capabilities while reinforcing our commitment in detecting threats across the enterprise.