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Laboratory Testing Firm Gains Instant Expertise With Binary Defense Dedicated Analyst


As a laboratory testing company serving diverse industries worldwide, its small security team struggled to keep up due to limited resources, expertise, and manpower. The security team knew it needed outside expertise to fortify its defenses and optimize underutilized security tools. To achieve their goals, the Laboratory Testing Company required an experienced analyst who could swiftly gain a comprehensive understanding of their environment and industry-specific nuances and efficiently implement, tune, and manage an EDR across over 1,000 endpoints. This presented a significant challenge for the organization, as hiring and training new staff can be time-consuming and expensive. Furthermore, identifying a candidate with the necessary expertise and a deep understanding of their unique environment became increasingly difficult. Their organization frequently underwent mergers and acquisitions and recognized the need to strengthen its security posture to guard against threats. These activities posed unique security challenges, complicating their efforts to expand the internal team while striving to achieve their objectives.


During the process of implementing Binary Defense’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR), for 24x7x365 monitoring, the Laboratory Testing Company added the Binary Defense Dedicated Resource(s) service to augment their internal security team further to ensure their organizational goals get accomplished. Binary Defense took a comprehensive approach to identifying the right analyst for the organization by thoroughly understanding the company’s environment, goals, and technology stack. The dedicated analyst provided the organization with cybersecurity expertise tailored to the organization’s specific needs, allowing them to scale their cybersecurity team dynamically to meet project demands, respond to critical events, and provide ongoing support. Binary Defense seamlessly integrated top-tier talent into the organization’s existing operating models, enabling analysts and engineers to work closely with the security team as a trusted defense partner. This collaboration aided in comprehensive investigation, response, and remediation while fostering the development of new detections and driving operational maturity forward.

In Action

The dedicated analysts objective was to enhance the Laboratory Testing Company’s security by leveraging the untapped capabilities of the clients existing tools. This involved identifying features within the company’s existing tools that were underutilized. The Dedicated Analyst at Binary Defense created and enforced a USB control policy to enhance the Laboratory Testing Company’s security without requiring additional investment in new tools. By utilizing the company’s current toolset, the analyst established a policy to prevent unauthorized USB usage. This policy was implemented within approximately three weeks, demonstrating the efficiency and effectiveness of Binary Defense’s approach. Following the USB control policy’s implementation, the company saw significant improvements in its ability to approve and track USB usage. The policy included auto-response capabilities to enforce blocks, alerting and notification configuration, and a streamlined investigation process. These measures reduced the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access. While Binary Defense’s Managed Detection & Response (MDR) solution provided the laboratory testing company with rapid response capabilities, the dedicated analyst’s expertise and advanced threat detection technology enabled the company to respond swiftly to potential threats.


One of the first tasks the dedicated analyst undertook was tuning the Laboratory Company’s EDR environment to increase visibility on over 1,000 endpoints. This involved configuring the system to optimize its performance and ensure it could detect and respond to threats effectively. After gaining a deep understanding of the unique nuances and complexities of the Laboratory Testing Company’s industry, the dedicated analyst shared his expertise with the company’s internal team. He closely collaborated with them to train on the newly established EDR and processes. This training empowered the internal team by expanding their knowledge and Results boosting their confidence in managing their environment. This approach ensured long-term sustainability and resilience against threats. The collaboration between Binary Defense and the laboratory testing company went beyond immediate problem-solving. The dedicated analyst continually transferred knowledge and expertise to the internal team, sharing best practices, conducting workshops, and providing ongoing support. The outcome was a more knowledgeable and capable internal security team, which fostered a sustainable work-life balance and helped the Laboratory Testing Company retain talent. Additionally, the Laboratory Testing Company leveraged Binary Defense’s dedicated analyst to gain visibility into potential vulnerabilities during the M&A process. The analyst’s expertise ensured that the company could identify and mitigate risks associated with integrating new entities into its security ecosystem. This proactive approach to M&A cybersecurity allowed the Laboratory Testing Company to maintain a strong security posture while expanding its global presence. Ultimately, Binary Defense’s Dedicated Resource(s) service helped the Laboratory Testing Company achieve its goals efficiently while alleviating the burden on its internal team. The partnership with Binary Defense provided the company with instant expertise, allowing them to scale their cybersecurity capabilities and stay ahead of emerging threats in an ever- changing industry landscape.

In Conclusion

The benefits of partnering with Binary Defense extended far beyond immediate improvements. The Laboratory Testing Company gained long-term readiness and resilience against evolving threats. The knowledge transfer and ongoing support ensured that the company could adapt to new challenges and maintain a strong security posture. Having the right expertise and support is crucial when your business is evolving and growing. Binary Defense’s Dedicated Analyst transformed the Laboratory Testing Company’s security posture, providing them with the expertise, tools, and confidence they needed to succeed. By leveraging Binary Defense’s Dedicated Resource service, the company gained instant expertise and built a resilient security program that can withstand the test of time.