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105,000 Medical Patients Records Were Compromised

Boys Town Hospital out of Omaha, Nebraska was the victim of a cyber-attack where well over 100,000 medical records were possibly compromised. Personnel at the hospital noticed peculiar activity from a specific employee account. After a thorough investigation was performed, they were able to determine an unknown hacker had gained access to the account with an attack method that has not been confirmed at this time. This is one of the larger scale attacks we have seen in recent times, with stolen information including patient names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, diagnoses, treatments, Medicare and Medicaid identifiers, medical record numbers, billing and claims information, health insurance information, disability codes, birth or marriage certificates, employer identifier numbers, driver’s license numbers, passport information, banking or financial account numbers, and user names and passwords. None of the information has been reported as misused at this time, however it’s likely being held until there is less attention around it. The Hospital has offered any victims, alleged or confirmed, a free year of identity theft protection services to compensate.