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2.7 Billion Emails and Passwords Leaked Due to Hack of 3,000 Websites

A security firm in Tokyo found email addresses and passwords that were stolen from websites across the globe. Three thousand unique websites that had less than average security led to the information being accessed. Smaller businesses that are susceptible to information being stolen were the owners of these domains. Out of the 2.7 billion matching email and password pairs, 20 million of them were from Japan. It is suspected that the data is selling for a fair price on the Darkweb mark forums and the files were believed to have been seen through overseas file-sharing services sometime in January.

Analyst Notes

Anyone who thinks their email and password have been accessed should immediately change their password and enable 2FA. When users log into their email, they should also check their settings to make sure hackers didn’t change anything. The computer being used should also be scanned for malware.