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A New Round of Attacks from OpAssange May be on the Horizon

Anonymous (OpAssange): A new wave of attacks on the United States, United Kingdom, Ecuador, and Sweden is likely on the horizon following an announcement out of Sweden this week. Swedish prosecutors announced this week that they have chosen to reopen the case against Julian Assange. Sweden’s charges against Mr. Assange for rape are what caused Mr. Assange to seek asylum in Ecuador’s London Embassy back in 2010 in an attempt to flee Sweden’s extradition request. At this point, no indications have been made about whether they intend to issue a new request for extradition or not. In the last round of attacks in OpAssange, the majority of targets were closely tied to the governments of the United Kingdom and Ecuador, as well as a number of non-government targets in the United States and the United Kingdom

Analyst Notes

It is likely that another round of attacks will take place following this announcement. Sweden has seen very few attacks targeting them throughout this operation, but this announcement will probably lead to an increased focus on Sweden.