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Altice USA Breach

Altice USA Inc, provider of Optimum cable television and internet services in the New York tri-state area, can now be included in the long list of companies that have become victims of phishing scams. An official from the company states that a breach that exposed the personal information of over 12,000 employees and an unknown number of customers happened in November when an unauthorized third-party gained access to official email account credentials. The stolen credentials were used to remotely access and download the contents of mailboxes that contained password-protected reports that included information about employees, past employees and a limited number of customers. Upon finding the breach, Altice USA has reported the incident to federal law enforcement agencies.

Analyst Notes

Customers of Altice can call 844-902-2038 on weekdays between 9:00am and 6:30pm to determine if their personal information was involved in the breach. The company will be offering free identity and credit monitoring services from Experian to affected people for one year. Companies should invest in training their employees in recognizing and avoiding phishing emails and to install email filtering programs that can recognize malicious emails and automatically remove them. It is also advisable to employ services like Binary Defense that can not only monitor endpoints for malicious software and stop them from causing damage but can monitor a multitude of sources for information that could lead to damaging attacks, cyber or physical, against the company.

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