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An Official Call to Action Has Been Made for OpIcarus

Anonymous (OpIcarus): Last night two new videos pertaining to the OpIcarus campaign were uploaded, including an official call to action.  No timeline has been put in place for when members of Anonymous are to begin operations at this time.  One of the videos was intended to energize members of Anonymous by showing screenshots of previous phases of the operation while discussing the evils of the Bilderberg Group, the Rothschild Family, and the banks that support the “oppressive plans” of both groups.  The video claimed that until power was taken back from the banks and these evil groups that they would continue to control the world through their back-alley control of world governments.  Both videos have seen an impressive amount of attention for how short they have been online.

Analyst Notes

There will probably be discussions around targeting and the commencement of operations over the coming weeks