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Angry Mayor Decries Cyber Attack as “Morally Repugnant” Following Service Disruption

ZDnet reported that after a recent cyber attack that has left the city of Hackney in London without access to many key services, the mayor angrily spoke out against the cybercriminals. Declaring them “morally repugnant” he also announced that most of the non-cloud-based systems have been impacted, taking with them essential services such as taking/making payments or approving/licensing/planning applications. Additionally, the exact nature of the cyberattack is still unknown, as the mayor did not announce that info.

Analyst Notes

While Binary Defense does not know the full nature of the incident, we can still offer some general guidelines for backup security, such as the 3-2-1 backup rule:
• 3 copies of backup data
• 2 different media forms
• 1 offsite
Additionally, Binary Defense recommends the use of a 24/7 SOC monitoring solution, such as Binary Defense’s Security Operations Task Force, to prevent initial attacks from spreading throughout a network and affecting all services.