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AnonGhost Seeks to Build Anticipation for the OpIsrael Campaign

AnonGhost: The user who has been claiming to be Mauritania Attacker, the founder of AnonGhost, since AnonGhost’s departure from ISIS has been making posts online to energize followers of the OpIsrael campaign.  While there has been a heavy dose of skepticism surrounding the identity of the person using the Mauritania Attacker name on social media, they have followed many of Mauritania Attacker’s patterns.  Over the night they posted links to 4 Israeli based websites which they had compromised as a “test” for the upcoming campaign.  The links lead to the websites’ index page, which has been edited to say “AnonGhost was here”.  While none of the websites display this message on their actual homepage it does show that the user has gained access to the websites’ information.

Analyst Notes

This step was likely made as a strategic move to excite members of Anonymous and other supporters of the OpIsrael campaign even more by showing AnonGhost is committed to the campaign.