Latest Threat Research: LetMeowIn – Analysis of a Credential Dumper

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Anons “Chomping at the Bit” for This Year’s OpIsrael

Ever since the return of Mauritania Attacker and the reinstatement of the AnonGhost hacking team, many Anons have been looking forward to April 7th.  AnonGhost has traditionally been a huge supporter of both the OpIsrael campaign and OpFreePalestine, while carrying out attacks in support of Arab organizations throughout the year.  OpIsrael began as a yearly operation targeting Israeli companies and government organizations with DDoS attacks, website defacements, and database dumps.  Over the past few years the operation has expanded to include Jewish organizations outside of Israel as well.  The operation has also begun to not only be carried out with random attacks throughout the year, but the operation itself has begun to start a few days prior to April 7th as well.

Analyst Notes

With all of the hype over the return of Mauritania Attacker and AnonGhost, it is likely that this year’s OpIsrael will see a higher than usual level of support and could possibly also see a higher level in sophistication in the attacks which are carried out.