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Anonymous Attacks Bank of Israel as Part of Three Campaigns

The Bank of Israel was taken offline this morning in a DDoS attack carried out by a member of Anonymous.  The attack was carried out under multiple Anonymous campaigns, one of which was a little off in timing.  The attacker, who goes by the name Gow_Th_er, posted the attack under the banners of OpFreePalestine, DeleteheElite, and OpIsrael.  OpIsrael has traditionally been a one day attack which takes place on April 7th each year.  It is becoming much more common for Anonymous members and supporters to carry out attacks under the OpIsrael banner throughout the year as well as during the large coordinated campaign each April.  Though the Bank of Israel’s website was taken offline briefly, it has since resumed normal operations.  Gow_Th_er’s online activity shows that he has a strong interest in the OpIsrael and OpFreePalestine campaigns, it is likely that he will continue to target not only Israeli organizations, but also organizations who have ties to Israel as well.