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Anonymous Begins Preparations for OpIsrael

JTSEC3313 within Anonymous has begun preparations for OpIsrael already, amid growing support and anticipation for the operation this year.  Over the years, OpIsrael has had a growing focus on private industry and not just government organizations. It appears that this year will be no different as all of JTSEC3313’s reconnaissance work to this point has been for companies located in Israel and has had no government agencies up to this point.  Currently during the main portion of OpIsrael, which takes place on and around April 7th every year, all attacks have focused on organizations within Israel. However, other attacks carried out under the OpIsrael banner throughout the rest of the year have hit Israeli companies located outside of Israel as well.  Much of the growing focus and excitement around OpIsrael has come following the return of the AnonGhost hacking team.

Analyst Notes

With this growth in support and the small shifts we have seen over the life of the OpIsrael campaign, it is possible that this could be the first year that we see attacks outside of Israel as part of the main OpIsrael campaign this April.