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Anonymous Calls Out German Targets for OpIcarus/OpRothschild

Anonymous (OpIcarus/OpRothschild): German members of Anonymous have made the first moves to initiate another phase of the group’s OpIcarus campaign.  A video was posted over the weekend calling out a number of powerful banking families, most of which with ties to the Rothschild family.  The video specifically called for the commencement of OpRothschild, but was also tagged with the OpIcarus campaign as well.  Traditionally the two operations have been run together because of the Rothschild family’s ties to the financial industry.  No actual banks or financial institutions of any kind have been called out at this time.  Prior to the last phase of the OpIcarus campaign, we saw similar activity where one user began making posts about the campaign and within weeks support had grown to a point that attacks were beginning to be carried out.

Analyst Notes

This is likely the first step to more attacks being launched on financial institutions, especially within Europe. We will probably not see the beginning of any actual attacks for several weeks unless there is a significant change to the attitude towards financial institutions.