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Anonymous Having Trouble Keeping Organized for Million Mask March

Anonymous has been having difficulty in posting the meeting information for its followers online in preparation for this year’s Million Mask March.  While discussions continue in private IRC’s utilized by Anonymous, the group is having difficulty in posting information more publicly for its followers.  Both Pastebin posts and Ghostbin posts put up by the group have been taken down multiple times.  These posts contained information for their followers throughout the world on where groups will be meeting up to coordinate on November 5th.  As of now there have been concrete plans made for marches in over 30 cities in 19 different countries throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.  While from a physical aspect the Million Mask March has typically been kept to nothing more than protests and demonstrations, in 2015 the marches in several locations did turn violent and destructive.

Analyst Notes

During the march we also expect to see an increase in online activity from Anonymous members defacing, DDoSing, and in some cases, breaching websites which are tied to issues which they are protesting.