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Anonymous Loses One Major Supporter of OpIcarus and Yellow Vests

One of the largest supporters, Lorian Synaro, within Anonymous of the Yellow Vest protests as well as the most active member of this phase of OpIcarus has taken a step back from both operations.  This is surprising given the fact they were one of the first member of Anonymous to call for Yellow Vest protests in the United States.  Over the weekend and throughout Christmas, their focus has shifted from YellowVests/Opicarus to OpSudan.  This has not stopped others from continuing to carry out reconnaissance activity against potential targets for OpIcarus.  Since Monday, eight different banks have been targeted for potential future attacks.  The targeted banks were located around Africa, Europe and Asia.  One user though, has made a post indicating that a previous supporter of OpIcarus may be preparing to become active again, MinionGhost.  MinionGhost has caused significant damage in previous phases of OpIcarus by compromising servers belonging to banks in the Far East as well as the Middle East and dumping customer data online.

Analyst Notes

If MinionGhost is in fact preparing to become active again, we will probably begin to see significant attacks on overseas banks begin within the next week or two.