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Anonymous Making Changes to Upcoming OpIsrael Campaign

Anonymous (OpIsrael): Anonymous is planning an expansion of the upcoming OpIsrael campaign, which will take place on or around April 7th.  Members of Anonymous have begun making plans to focus heavily on Israel’s financial sector.  OpIsrael has traditionally had a very broad focus: target Israeli government organizations and Israeli companies.  Ever since the reformation of AnonGhost following many of its members’ time in ISIS Cyber Division, the OpIsrael campaign has seen a significant amount of attention and effort by members of Anonymous.   As in previous years, reconnaissance work against a number of Israeli based entities and government agencies has already begun, but none of it has been focused on any specific industry yet.

Analyst Notes

This is the largest amount of support that has been seen for the OpIsrael campaign since it was first started. If this level of support continues, this will probably be one of the most successful and phases of OpIsrael. It is also possible that entities outside of Israel may also become targets of this phase of the campaign as its supporters have begun to take a much broader view of Israel’s support structure and assets around the world.