Latest Threat Research: LetMeowIn – Analysis of a Credential Dumper

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Anonymous May Be Preparing for a Resurgence of OpIcarus

A small number of posts made to social media appear to be attempting to draw attention back to the OpIcarus campaign.   The information being shared comes from one of the earliest phases of the operation, one in which the Ghost Squad hackers joined with Anonymous to target large institutions and central banks around the world.  Different phases of the operation have focused on different types of organizations. Some have targeted stock exchanges, others central banks. Public and private banks have also found themselves in the cross hairs.  The one target that has stayed constant through nearly every phase of the operation is the Rothschild family.  During any given phase of the OpIcarus campaign, financial institutions can suffer from DDoS attacks, website defacements and, in some cases, compromises of their customer information databases.

Analyst Notes

Since the information being posted on the campaign is from an older phase of the operation, it was likely not intended to give current operational details but to instead inspire a resurgence in discussions and planning for another phase of the operation. In recent phases we have seen planning phases take up to several months before any significant actions are taken.