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Anonymous Members Preparing for More Attacks in Support of Attacks on Saudi Arabia

Members of Anonymous are working to continue their campaign against Saudi Arabia following the death of Jamal Khashoggi.  Another paste was made online over the weekend containing reconnaissance data for several new targets for the campaign.  Not surprisingly though, not all of the targets belonged to the Saudi government.  Anonymous is now beginning to further expand the scope of the operation to include more attacks on private industry within Saudi Arabia.  So far, no significant actions have been seen that would cause significant damage to any private companies within Saudi Arabia.

Analyst Notes

However it is possible that attacks on civilian targets could begin in the near term. As Anonymous continues to expand the scope of the operation, as they have several times already, more non-government targets will be seen. It is also possible that targets outside of Saudi Arabia will begin to appear, especially as allegations continue to spread that the Turkish government knew more of the situation than was previously said.