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Anonymous (OpIcarus)

Anonymous has carried out another attack for their OpIcarus campaign. This time, the group has taken down the Central Bank of the Bahamas. In a posting, the group stated that the AnonMafia and AnonDK have taken down the bank’s website. The post included seven links to the breach, one of which was a download link to the entire breach. This is the first attack in this phase of OpIcarus that we have seen the group take down the website and breach it at the same time. In the last phase of OpIcarus, breaching the bank at the same time that it was being hit by DDoS became rather popular by one user, and then many followed. The group posted before actually taking down the website–stating that the bank would have “things to worry about.” So far, no other target lists have been seen nor any post pertaining to what the next target might be. Anonymous has yet to target any banks in the United States and has not indicated that they will. This is the first bank in this phase that has not been located in the Middle East.