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Anonymous Revisits OpCatalonia With Another Round of Attacks

Anonymous (OpCatalonia): Late last week, two members of Anonymous chose to revisit the OpCatalonia campaign with several attacks on Spanish websites. Anons going by the names Al1ne3737 and Pryzraky defaced seven websites and dumped information from three other websites.  This round of attacks was meant to be in protest of the ongoing court battles involving those who support an independent Catalonia, who the Spanish government have deemed to be political dissidents and have imprisoned.  Typically, attacks in protest of the Spanish government will target government organizations, however, none of the victims of this round of attacks were government organizations.

Analyst Notes

While this seems like a weak and ill-planned attempt to bring relevance back to the OpCatalonia campaign, we will probably still see a return to this campaign by Anons because of the attention which this round of attacks received.