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Anonymous Targeting Italian Universities

Anonymous Italy, along with LulzSec ITA and AntiSec ITA, have begun targeting Italian universities in a campaign which they intend to continue over the coming weeks and intensify on November 5th.  November 5th has always been a big day for Anonymous to carry out not only cyber-attacks but physical protests as well.  The three groups made it clear in a statement posted by Anonymous Italy that they blame the Ministry of Education for a number of the problems currently facing Italy.  As of this morning, 13 different websites for universities, or in some cases, specific departments at a university, have been taken offline or defaced by members of all three groups.  Over the past year, Anonymous Italy has worked hard to bolster their capabilities and have become much more successful in their campaigns against a wide range of targets both within Italy and elsewhere throughout the world.

Analyst Notes

On the 5th of November many of the targeted universities, as well as the Ministry of Education will probably experience protests by Anonymous members and supporters as part of the annual Million Mask March, which takes place internationally every year on November 5th.