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App Offers $1 Million for Information Leading to Culprit Behind Alleged Smear Campaign

The makers of Houseparty, a social media app used for conference video calls are offering a reward of $1,000,000 USD to anyone able to unmask the entity behind what they allege is an ongoing smear campaign. Many posts on social media accounts have claimed that the Houseparty servers have been compromised by hackers and people are losing access to other social media accounts as threat actors use passwords allegedly stolen from Houseparty to access other accounts. The claims of a breach have been picked up by news organizations, however, Houseparty claims that no breach has occurred.

Analyst Notes

As Houseparty has issued several statements stating that the claims are false, Binary Defense does not recommend the need to uninstall the application. However, Binary Defense does recommend using different passwords for different accounts. This will prevent account pivoting by threat actors if one account is hacked and the password is obtained.