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Arrest Made in Bulgarian Data Breach

Unknown/Russia: Bulgarian officials have announced that an arrest has already been made in the cyber-attack which breached the National Revenue Agency (NRA).  The breach of the NRA’s systems compromised the data of five million Bulgarian citizens including PINs, names, addresses, yearly earnings, and faces to go with the names.  The stolen data ranges from less than a month old to over a decade old. While the exact date of the breach is unknown, it is clear that the hackers had access until a couple of weeks ago.  The data was sent out to media outlets from a Russian email account, leading many to believe that the breach was carried out by Russian state actors in retaliation for Bulgaria’s recent purchase of eight F-16’s from Lockheed Martin.  This morning it was announced though that an arrest has already been made in connection with the breach, but so far Bulgarian authorities have not given any details about the person taken into custody.