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Atento Has Brazilian Operations Affected by Cyber-Attack

Multinational customer relations firm Atento has been dealing with a cyber-attack. While its headquarters are in Madrid, the company saw the largest impact from the attack affect its operations in Brazil. A notification was sent out to customers on October 17th making them aware of the situation. Atento’s services have been taken offline while the company contains the issue. An official press release has not yet been made so it is unknown what type of attack occurred and what systems and information may have been affected. The attack against Atento marks another company in Brazil that has been affected by security issues in recent months.

Analyst Notes

Companies should consider a defense-in-depth strategy when looking to secure themselves against cyber-attacks. Pairing anti-virus solutions with endpoint monitoring is a good start when looking to reduce the chance of a security issue. It is also important that employees understand good security practices. Regular training exercises on how to spot phishing emails and what type of response should be taken is critical.