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Automotive Giant Denso Confirms Hack, Pandora Ransomware Group Takes Credit

Denso, a global supplier of automotive components, confirmed a cyberattack has impacted the organization’s German facilities. Denso develops parts for autonomous vehicle features for Toyota, Honda, General Motors, and Ford. Denso said they discovered a third party illegally accessing the company’s network last week and immediately cut off the connection. Denso said the attack has not impacted any of their other facilities and will not disrupt production or manufacturing. ZDNet reports that the Pandora ransomware gang has claimed responsibility for the attack and that they have stolen 1.4 TB of data. The group posted samples of the data to increase pressure on Denso to pay the ransom.

Analyst Notes

Ransomware continues to be a major threat to organizations. To protect against ransomware attacks, organizations should:
• Regularly back up data, air gap, and password protect backup copies offline.
• Ensure copies of critical data are not accessible for modification or deletion from the system where the data resides.
• Implement network segmentation
• Implement a recovery plan to maintain and retain multiple copies of sensitive or proprietary data and servers in a physically separate, segmented, secure location (i.e., hard drive, storage device, the cloud).
• Install updates/patch operating systems, software, and firmware as soon as practical after they are released. Implement monitoring of security events on employee workstations and servers, with a 24/7 Security Operations Center to detect threats and respond quickly.
• Use multifactor authentication where possible.
• Use strong passwords and regularly change passwords to network systems and accounts, implementing the shortest acceptable timeframe for password changes.
• Avoid reusing passwords for multiple accounts.
• Focus on cyber security awareness and training.
• Regularly provide users with training on information security principles and techniques as well as overall emerging cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities.