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Ayyildiz Tim Returning to an Elevated Optempo Again Following the First of the Year

Ayyildiz Tim: Following the first of the year Ayyildiz Tim, the pro-Turkish hacker group, has begun to increase the frequency of their attacks again.  Their operations so far this year have appeared to be a bit on the random side. Traditionally they have focused the majority of their efforts on targeting organizations and nations which have stood against or spoken out against the Turkish government or people.  The targets which have been hit by Ayyildiz Tim this year have been spread out, including a University webpage in South Queensland, Australia, a Canadian internet provider, Facebook accounts from around the world, and Chinese ecommerce sites.  The Turkish Government recently made a public statement openly criticizing the Chinese government for their treatment of Uighur Muslims within China and accusing China of bring about a “great shame for humanity.”  The Chinese government spoke out against Turkey following this statement and accused the Turkish government of lying.  

Analyst Notes

While this dispute between China and Turkey may seem trivial, it could be the motivation needed by Ayyildiz Tim to focus on China and we will possibly begin to see a more concentrated effort on targeting Chinese websites.