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Baker and Taylor Book Distributor Hit by Ransomware

The largest distributor of book and library software across the U.S. has been hit by ransomware. The attack impacted Baker and Taylor’s phone systems, offices, and service centers. The company announced that their staff is working to return all services to normal, and the process may take a few weeks. Further details of the ransomware that affected the company have not been released, but given the extensive disruptions to services, it is likely that the ransom was not paid.

Analyst Notes

Since it is likely that the ransom was not paid, it is a strong possibility that the company will end up with data that will be leaked depending on the group behind the attack. If the threat group does run a ransomware leak website, it is likely that we will see any stolen details being posted online if the company continues to refuse pay the data extortion ransom. Baker and Taylor is doing a review of their systems and has stated that at this time, it is unclear if any important data was stolen. Any individual or organization that has used the company for purchases should be vigilant in staying updated on the attack in the event that additional information gets leaked.