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Brazilian Fraudsters Defraud Ride-Sharing Apps Using GPS Spoofing and Stolen IDs

Recently, as initially reported by The Record, a Brazilian gang has been charged following a scheme that defrauded ride-sharing customers of Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, and two other food delivery services.  This gang used stolen IDs to create fake driver accounts that were sold to individuals who were not eligible for driver accounts.  Additionally, the group sold GPS-spoofing technology to drivers in order to make rides appear longer than they were or food delivery routes appear shorter.  Coordinating on Whatsapp in a group named “Mafia”, the actors would edit high-quality IDs using stolen information. These would be then sold to prospective drivers. 

Analyst Notes

Following a discovery of the scheme by Uber’s Security team, the DOJ cracked down on the group in 2 waves.  First, 19 Brazilian nationals were charged at the start of the month.  Next, the DOJ announced a second wave of charges against 5 Brazilian nationals.  These groups operated primarily out of Massachusetts but also California, Florida, and Illinois.  Binary Defense would like to remind all potential purchasers of services like these that the act of purchasing and using the stolen ID is illegal and could land you in an extended stay in Prison.